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6:34pm on Friday, 25th March, 2016:

Five Days In


I'm five days into Black Desert Online now. I've been pottering around with this and that, so am only level 35 on my main, but I'm impressed with what I've seen. It does a good deal right, and most of what it does wrong is easy to fix. However, it could do many things better.

There are many interlocking systems, but they're not very deep. They're hard to get into, because the explanations are either not there or non-existent, but once you do figure out what's going on they're not that hard. The thing is, they're broad but not deep. There's a lot of form to their components, but not so much function. Things take time, but not usually skill.

Quests are a bit of a pain at times, because if you miss them or get them in the wrong order you can lose out. I'm sure there's some alchemist somewhere waiting to tell me how to make more elixirs, but gawd knows where they are. Also, I had to grind up my last two levels because I did some earlier difficult quests before I was supposed to and when I went back to the ones I should have done first I didn't get the experience points for them. The main story quests I'm being given are 5 levels above me, which does make a difference in this game: it's hard to get killed, but being ganged-up on by critters whose names are in purple is one way to expedite it.

I'll keep playing for a while yet, anyway, as I want to get to level 45 and see what happens when people can gank me. I suspect that what'll occur is that people will indeed gank me, but you never know.

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