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8:59am on Monday, 24th September, 2007:

It is, I'm not


Today sees the end of an era in the Bartle household: I went to the newsagent this morning and switched papers. As of tomorrow, we'll be getting The Guardian rather than The Independent. Given that I've been taking The Independent continuously since its launch 21 years ago, even through the dark days of Rosie Boycott's reign as editor, this is quite a change. It'll even affect QBlog, given the rich source of mockery that the newpaper had become.

I didn't make the change because of any particular event, I just noticed that all too often reading The Independent meant reading the headlines. When I did read an article, rarely did I find it carried anything of substance.

Because the editor of The Independent, being a luminary, will doubtless be a reader of QBlog, here are my reasons for going off it after two decades of being a loyal reader:

Anti-science, superficial, patronising, self-satisfied, middle class, politically incoherent, London-centric, vacuous: it is, are you?

No, I'm not.

Let's see what The Guardian is like...

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