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4:49pm on Tuesday, 5th May, 2015:

My Own Fault


Today it was the final CE217 lecture of the year: the revision lecture.

Unfortunately, I thought it was a week today. 20 minutes after the start, a student showed up at my office and asked if I was coming. I brought up my timetable and AAAARGH!

Normally, I have my lectures on the memory stick in my pocket. Not the revision lecture, though - or rather revision lectures, as I'd prepared two last month so the students could decide which format to use. Neither were there. I had to look up past papers using Google and go through two of them on the fly. I'm pretty sure that I'd only have got maybe 90% if I'd taken the exams myself, instead of the 100% the students had a right to expect.

Worse, this was the lecture in which the students got to fill in their Student Assessment of Courses forms. The first thing I had to do, after making them wait 25 minutes, was give them a form in which they were asked to assess my performance. I'm expecting to be called up by the Head of Department to explain why said assessment is so dire. It was going to be bad anyway because I'll be getting 0 for the "quality of feedback" section on account of how they only handed in their assignments 2 weeks ago and won't get the feedback until next week. Sigh.

The only minor comfort I have is that I may have been 25 minutes late for the lecture start, but three students still arrived after me.

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