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4:47pm on Wednesday, 6th May, 2015:

In, in a, in a queue


I'm second in line at the coffee shop counter. The guy in front is asked what he wants. He replies: "Can, can I, can I have, can I have a, can I have a bagel ... please?"

The person on the till asks him whether he wants a sesame seed, poppy seed or jalapeno bagel.

"I, I'll, I'll have, I'll have a, I'll have a jalapeno ... please."

He wasn't stammering, he was just covering while he made his decision by repeating the sentence and extending it by a single word each time. I don't think I'll try it myself, though; it's the sort of affectation that's going to make people take a dislike to you and cause them to complain passive-aggressively on the Internet.?

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