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12:12pm on Sunday, 3rd May, 2015:

Ring of Stones


I've just come across this proof copy of the text we had put on our second batch of MUD sweatshirts/T-shirts:

We sold all of this merchandise so I don't have one of the garments myself, just this text. It's 150% the length of the first sweatshirts we had made, giving an even bigger "block of text" feel for people to read while you're using public transport.

The accompanying letter is dated 16th January, 1989. I don't know how much it cost, but I do know it was quite extortionate. That wasn't our doing — we didn't make a profit from te sales — it was the price the screen printers charged us

I wonder how much MMO developers today could charge for "official" clothing with your own, chosen screenshot on it?

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