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1:40pm on Wednesday, 20th November, 2013:

Cultural Capital


By a process that must at some point have involved a discussion of which candidate needed it the most, Kingston upon Hull has been given the title of UK City of Culture 2017.

Hull is the nearest big town to where I grew up in East Yorkshire. It was famous for its beautiful city centre right up until when the Luftwaffe reduced it to rubble in World War II. It was rebuilt to a style guaranteed to impress anyone who likes the look of concrete multi-storey car parks, but not many people beyond that. In recent years, though, it's had some regeneration and is now actually not bad in places. I'm really pleased that it's won, not least because it may mean more people than just local schoolkids visit Wilberforce House. They do need some more regeneration, though, so this City of Culture award is really going to help.

Oh, and if anyone ever asks you where the world's smallest window is, the answer is: The Land of Green Ginger.

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