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7:50am on Wednesday, 20th November, 2013:

The Hopefuls


After several months of work, we've launched the Kickstarter campaign for my boardgame The Hopefuls. You can hand over all your money at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lucido/the-hopefuls-board-game.

It's a family-friendly game that also appeals to gamers. Although that sounds great (and it is!), it does make it something of a harder sell that if it only appealed to one or the other. If we target gamers then the family-oriented players will be put off, and if we target family-oriented players then the gamers will be. The danger is that by trying to attract people who are gamers or family-oriented players, we wind up only interesting those who are both gamers and family-oriented players.

It's even trickier, because although the Kickstarter campaign is basically the same "if enough people promise to buy it, we'll make it" model used by most Kickstarter board games, we do actually want to distribute it to games shops; this means that we're not simply talking to players, but also to people with a general interest in seeing a renaissance in board games.

Yes, this is nerves talking because it's me presenting the video and I dread to think what people who don't know me will make of it...

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