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6:24pm on Monday, 9th July, 2012:

Away Day


We had a departmental schoolal away day today. It was held at Layer Marney Tower, which is one of those local attractions I've never been to (well, I did go once but it was shut). It's quite photogenic:

That Tudor gatehouse is the tallest in England, courtesy of the fact that the one at Hampton Court fell victim to subsidence and they had to remove two storeys. It also used to be the tallest all-brick tower in Essex, but then Essex University built its student residences and claimed the tallest all-brick towers in Europe title.

I'm glad that the guy who asked me to do that night-time presenting job at St Botolph's (which, thanks to the rain, we have yet to complete) didn't see this picture first; it's a bit of a drive away...

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