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11:58pm on Sunday, 6th May, 2012:

Late Night in Colchester


This is St Botolph's Priory in Colchester at about 11pm:

It's a good set of ruins. I was there because I'm presenting a video for a start-up that I'm on the advisory board of, which hopes to raise enough money from crowd-funding to be able to raise more money from financiers. Personally, I think I come across as way too cheesy, but not quite as cheesy as I would do if I remembered all the lines in the script.

It took a lot of permissions to get to film in this location, which I was quite surprised we obtained. The council in particular was pretty good about it, as was the Southern Fried Chicken shop that let us run a power cable out of the back for free.

There are 30 scenes in this video and tonight we managed to do about 8 of them before the music from nearby pubs and clubs got so loud that we had to stop. I think that means we'll be coming back during the week, which suggests that I'll have to make a note of what clothes I was wearing and not get any hideous spots on my nose.

At least next time I'll know to wear two pairs of socks, so there's a fighting chance I'll come home able to feel my toes.

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