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11:29am on Sunday, 8th July, 2012:

Papers Uploaded


I finally got around to uploading some of my conference papers and book chapters onto my web site. This way, people have a fighting chance of finding then without having to stumble upon them by accident in the actual books and conference proceedings in which they appear. I've not uploaded anything from books that haven't yet been published or that are from publishers likely to sue my head off for undermining their business model.

Here ya go!

Why Governments aren't Gods and Gods aren't Governments
This is a rejoinder to people who seem to think that MMOs should be democracies.

Virtual Worldliness
Originally my State of Play conference keynote, this explains what the virtual asks of the real.

Presence and Flow: Ill-Fitting Clothes for Virtual Worlds
People often say that fun in MMOs comes from Presence or Flow. Here's where I point out some flaws in those arguments.

The Line between Play and Design
A discussion of nested levels of design in worlds-within-worlds.

Alice and Dorothy Play Together
How virtual worlds can go forward by overcoming one of the legacies of the past.

Understanding the Limits of Theory
How not to use Player Types theory.

Unrealistic Expectations
This is an analysis of the simulation aspect (or lack thereof) of MMOs.

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