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9:42am on Saturday, 8th October, 2011:

Out of Ink


The pen I keep in my jacket pocket ran out of ink yesterday. Rather than go to the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas to steal an identical replacement, I thought I'd use one of the dozens of other pens I have kicking around instead.

While searching my supplies, I came across 7 or 8 of these old ones I got made for MUSE Ltd. advertising purposes:

They're no longer any use for advertising as I don't have an email address of 76703.3042@compuserve.com any more (or, indeed, MUSE Ltd.). I always liked these pens because they had a nifty mechanism for clicking the nib in and out; their being lurid orange or lurid green in colour wasn't a problem because, well, it's not like I look at what I'm doing with a pen when I'm writing anyway...

Sadly, the ink in all of these pens was dried up so I had to purge them from my stock. I've got some kind of black number that I seem inexplicably to have five of instead. This one has gel ink so it shouldn't dry up — it'll all just come out at once when I'm asleep on an aeroplane or something.

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