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12:13pm on Saturday, 8th October, 2011:

Odd Card


I bought some more cards off the Internet last week. OK, OK, I buy them all the time but don't post about it any more because there's only me who finds them interesting. However...

This set is by one of my favourite manufacturers, Piatnik of Vienna. It's interesting because they didn't publish this in Vienna, they published it in Budapest. Here are the hearts:

The hearts are important for Piatnik sets because the ace carries the Piatnik marque (a horse) along with the set number (if you're lucky, which in this case you are) and, for older sets, a tax stamp. This one has all three, so it's good. It also says it was published in Budapest, which is better.

Compare the fronts with the backs:

Hmm. The Ace of Hearts, the most important one in a Piatnik set, has a different coloured back to the rest. It's probably from a twin deck, and someone somewhere else is looking at one with all red backs except for a blue Ace of Hearts.


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