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9:23am on Friday, 7th October, 2011:

Registration Card


I emptied out an old briefcase today so I could throw it away. The briefcase was structurally sound, except that the spring on one of the locks had gone and I couldn't open it easily. I'd have had to have broken it to repair it, so out it went (15 years after I last used it).

Inside it was my old Student Registration Card. We had to carry this with us to get discounts (ie. not be ripped off quite as much as normal people) in the restaurants and so on. Really, though, it was an identity card; as I don't like identity cards, I didn't like it. Nevertheless, I had to carry it.

I used it for 9 years. At no point during that entire period did anyone who checked it (which happened daily) notice that I had declined to sign it (or if they did, they didn't care). That's identity cards for you...

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