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4:10pm on Monday, 28th November, 2005:

Category D


As expected, I reluctantly signed up with Denplan today. I dropped into the dental surgery to find out if I needed an appointment to categorise my teeth, and was told I had indeed been done already and that I was category D — the second-worst on their list, weighing in at £26.23 a month.

There was someone from Denplan at the surgery doing the paperwork, so I saw her about it. It was her first day on the job, therefore she was unable to answer the question "If I have teeth removed, will that lower my monthly payment?". She was, however, able to answer the question "Why do people with category A teeth pay a smaller registration fee than people with category D teeth", because she herself had asked that of her supervisor. The answer is "Because that's just how it is".

While I was waiting to sign away my money, I overheard some other people discussing what they were going to do. They agreed that the best course of action, given that they were pretty well forced to go private, would be to sign up with some other private dentist instead of their current one, on the grounds that if you're going to pay for treatment you may as well pay for better treatment than the rubbish you were getting for free previously.

I asked the Denplan representative and she said she thought it was probably easy to change to another Denplan dentist, but she didn't know.

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