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4:20pm on Monday, 20th August, 2007:

Impressions of Singapore


Some of the things I noticed while wandering around the city:

Breakdancing on the shiny-polished floor of the subterranean shopping street.

Three large joss sticks burning at the end of a street, for no obvious reason.

There are some wonderfully simple but appropriate names here. Don't you wish you'd called your café "the Nearby Café"?

A big wheel under construction, as if there aren't enough high vantage points in the city.

The lime juice is always good.

The MRT (urban railway) train at Changi airport isn't signposted, or at least if it is I didn't see the signpost.

11 people, parents and children, sitting in the back of a pick-up truck as they were driven through town. No seatbelts.

That law they brought out when I was here in the late 1990s where you get your mobile phone confiscated if you use it while driving: taxi drivers don't seem to regard it as enforcible.

A man videoing his lunch. He was sitting on the steps to Raffles City MRT station, sandwiches on his lap, camcorder in his hand. These wacky food-bloggers...

I'm taller than 99% of the people in the street. Maybe 99.5%.

My favourite road in Singapore bypasses the bottom end of Orchard Road. It's a very handy road when you're coming back in to town from the main shopping drag. Its name is "Handy Road". See what I mean about simple but appropriate names?

Four student types standing around a pair of braziers, throwing into it the fliers they were supposed to be handing out, watching the ashes fly like thistledown on the wind.

It rains between 3pm and 3:30pm, on cue.

One of the restaurants in CHIJMES is a "Coscafé". All the waitresses dress up as French maids. Thus, they get to use sex to attract customers while presenting a face of an ironic comment on modern-day culture. Leastwise, the impression I got was that they're all waitresses — I guess there could be some waiters in there...

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