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7:23am on Monday, 20th August, 2007:

Bitter, Icy Winds


I woke up at 4:10am last night. It wasn't because of jet lag, because (proud boast) I don't get jet lag; rather, it was because I was being subjected to an ARCTIC BLAST from the air-conditioning unit. This is the very air conditioning that I'd turned up to 30 DEGREES in order NOT to be frozen in my bed. As usual, my suspicions were raised that the 30 degrees were Farenheit rather than Celsius...

After an hour of trying to get to sleep, I finally took the cover from the second bed and put it on top of mine. This was sufficient to warm me up enough to revisit the Land of Nod. I could actually have just got up, given I'd set my alarm for only 2 hours later, but hey, sleep is sleep.

My alarm didn't go off. I eventually woke up of my own accord at 9:45am — some 45 minutes after the conference started. Augh!

Augh augh augh!

Fortunately, all I missed was a GOVERNMENT MINISTER speaking. Augh!

I also missed and a few minutes of a panel on branding in virtual worlds which was eerily similar to the ones I used to hear in the early 1990s about the web, so that wasn't quite so bad. But nevertheless, augh!

Oh well, at least I know to ask for an alarm call tomorrow. Oh, and to move to the other bed where the ARCTIC BLAST won't fall DIRECTLY ON MY BODY.

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