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4:31pm on Monday, 20th August, 2007:

Singapore Scenes


I like the way they go to an effort to stop their trees from being blown over, but it's a little intrusive.

The hotel has some glow-in-the-dark steps, so when you walk down them it's as if you're making an entrance in a movie. I call it "the Fred Astaircase".

This is the Fountain of Wealth, "the world's biggest fountain". Yes, well not right at that moment it wasn't, or those people in the middle would be in major trouble.

I came across three groups selling package holidays: two in Suntec City and one (the one shown) in Marina Square. They're staffed by people wearing T-shirts, and you stand in line until you get a free one, then you sit down and book your dream vacation. I can't imagine people buying trips abroad like that in the UK, even in the days before everyone had an Internet connection and booked online.

This little pool of carp is next to a public walkway. In the UK, they would have been found floating on their backs dead in a pond frothed with washing-up liquid bubbles within a couple of months of being left to fend for themselves.

Behind the pretty restaurants on Boat Quay is the true horror of air-conditioning madness needed to keep all those customers comfortable at sub-Alaskan temperatures.

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