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10:37am on Wednesday, 28th June, 2006:



It's amazing how music can say things even to people not versed in the aesthetic. OK, so you may have to study for five years before you can find listening to a 12-tone, arhythmic series of melody-free notes in any way rewarding, but, for those of us who would rather not grind music appreciation, most of it is just instantly accessible. Two people can listen to the same piece, both for the first time, and yet describe the same emotional impact. It's as if there's a language being spoken that you don't have to learn first.

So, as a tease, here's a mystery tune. Your quest: what's the title? I'll give the answer in a few days' time.

Hmm, maybe I should swiftly mention that the .mp3 there is over 6Mb long, in case you're on a dial-up line...

The melody doesn't start until nearly a minute in, if you're a busy person and want to skip through the introduction. If you're super-impatient and need the answer now now now, it's an obscure instrumental by sadly defunct J-rock band Malice Mizer; good luck finding it on I-tunes...

[Edit: thanks to Alistair Riddoch, the .mp3 no longer contains the name of the song in its header block...]

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