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8:49am on Thursday, 29th June, 2006:

Late Trains


My wife was late home from London yesterday because, as the driver announced, there was "an article of clothing on the overhead power lines".

This is something I wondered about in the days of the IRA terror campaign. Why bother packing lorries with fertilizer and trying to blow up offices when if you really want to piss people off all you have to do is chuck a hand grenade on every railway line leaving London? Now, it seems, you don't even need the hand grenade — a shirt will do. I suppose if you were being really professional about it you might use a sheet, or even a chain (so as to short out the electrics), but if it ends up trapping two million commuters in the City then the government will soon want to listen to your point of view.

Hijacking an oil tanker and ramming it into the Golden Gate Bridge may be more spectacular, but, as the French Resistance discovered, sabotage is what really does the business.

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