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10:07am on Wednesday, 28th June, 2006:

Individual Farms


I bought some strawberries today in Sainsbury's, as I do whenever the opportunity presents itself. On the label is the name of the producer and where they were grown:

These, for example, were grown in Essex by P. Wensak. It gives the consumer a comforting sense that they're supporting small, family-run fruit farms when there's the name of an individual on the punnet. Well, it did me until I spotted another punnet marked Peter Wensak, with the place of origin in Norfolk.

It turns out that Peter Wensak is the largest grower of protected strawberries in the UK (ie. strawberries grown under glass). He has three farms in total: one in Essex and two in Norfolk. When the fruit is being produced on an industrial scale, doesn't this make the naming of the grower a little pointless?

Still, they're damned good strawberries, so no complaints from me on that score. Well, except for the Norfolk ones; they were too over-ripe for me, and I'm not quite so dedicated to QBlog that I'd buy them anyway for the sake of being able to photograph the label...

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