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3:50pm on Monday, 26th June, 2006:



After enduring another 26 Internet disconnects yesterday and 6 this morning, I called BT again and, through some miracle, wound up talking to someone from the Indian subcontinent who was able to test my line. After a series of questions, most of which I had already answered in my explanation of the problem ("it doesn't matter what router I'm using, I already told you it disconnects when I use the new one I bought, too"), he activated some software that caused my connection to break, enabling him to announce that there was a fault in the line (which I already knew, I just had to wait for him to find out himself). I'll apparently hear from the Line Maintenance Department in 3-5 working days.

Of course I will.

Still, at least I got a direct line and a reference number out of him.

Call duration: 32 minutes.

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