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7:09pm on Monday, 26th June, 2006:

Do as I Say, Not as I do


I had my hair cut today. Also, I finally bought a new pair of shoes, and took my elder daughter to the optician to get her eyesight tested.

What is it about the people who work in barber shops? They always have the worst hairstyles possible! Do they practice on each other or something? Do they allow trainees to do it when they can't find anyone on the street willing to have their hair savaged for free? Or is it that they see the hairstyles and not the fact that they don't match their faces?

What is it about the people who work in shoe shops? They always wear shoes that are absolutely wrecked! No-one who works in a show shop ever has decent shoes on, they're always beaten up. I first noticed this as a child, and things haven't changed over the decades. You work in a shoe shop — get yourself some decent shoes! Then wear them to work!

What is it about the people who work in glasses shops? They always wear glasses that are wildly inappropriate! The manager of Colchester Specsavers is built like a builder but wears bizarre red glasses clearly intended for aesthetes who curate collections of carved pygmy droppings in exclusive London galleries. Was buying them on a staff discount the only way he could get them off his shelf?

My daughter's prescription hadn't changed, but it was the last test we could get before she turns 16 and has to pay for them.

I didn't buy Clarks shoes because the Clarks shop didn't have any plain ones my size.

The first barber I went to as a kid was bald.

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