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12:27pm on Tuesday, 4th July, 2006:

An Engineer Calls


The man from BT came round today and took a look at my Internet connection. Then he went away for an hour to play with some wires at the local exchange. Then he came back.

The result is that my connection, which did have a margin of 13.5 dB, now has one of 20.5 dB. Apparently, anything around 9 dB is flaky, and if it reaches 7 dB it's forget-the-Internet time. The 4 dB lost between the wall socket and the router meant I was previously working on the boundaries of flakiness; now, it should be fine. The occasional disconnect every 5 minutes, regularly as clockwork, 49 times in a row, is "probably" due to interference from some nearby appliance; having a stronger margin should mean my connection can now ride out the storm.

We'll see...

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