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9:27pm on Wednesday, 8th March, 2006:



It's a late QBlog entry today as I was in Portsmouth being an external examiner. The hotel I was staying had no Internet connections and a car park so tight I had to climb out of my car through the passenger door — I almost had to use the hatchback door.

For the benefit of long-term QBlog readers: seaweed.

Portsmouth University's computer games degree is rich and varied. What I like most about it, though, is the names they give to their courses. At Essex, we have courses with names like EE114 and CC301. Portsmouth uses imaginative titles and derives acronyms and portmanteau labels from them. Once unit, for example, is called Sound of Music, and is abbreviated to SOMUS. Here are some more:

Music in the 20th Century20CENT
Music CompositionCOMPO
Sound Recording 2SOUR2
Contextual AnalysisCONAN
Creative MediaCREAM
Documentary Film and VideoDOFAV
3D Modelling MethodsMODME
Streaming Technologies for the WebSTEW

As STEW shows, some of these are pretty tenuous. I wonder if, in a few years time, they'll give up all pretence of any connection between name and full title and just call them things like Phil or Angela?

Whatever, they certainly sound more attractive than what we have at Essex. Maybe that's whyPortsmouth has more students than us...

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