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8:33am on Tuesday, 7th March, 2006:



The weather reports on GMTV are graphically extravagant affairs, so that its viewers aren't tempted to switch to the BBC and look for, oh, let's call them isobars. One feature they're particularly pleased with is when the country is covered in a blanket of cloud, which they then swoop below so you can see the rain falling. Here's a bad photo of my TV showing this in action this morning:

It's all well and good until you notice that the distance from the land to the clouds is roughly the same as that from the north coast of Wales to the south, ie. about 130 miles. This is well into outer space. No wonder British people like talking about the weather so much.

And they slope their map so Scotland looks tiny and the south of England looks huge. The BBC got into trouble for doing that.

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