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8:56am on Thursday, 9th March, 2006:



Those Portsmouth drivers!

On my drive back yesterday, I was undertaken multiple times on the M275/A27/A3(M). When I say "undertaken", I don't mean that I was in the right-hand lane and cars in the middle lane were all moving faster; what I mean is that I was in the right-hand lane, the car behind me pulled into the middle lane, went past me, then returned to the right-hand lane in front of me. It wasn't that they got any advantage out of this, because there were always other vehicles in front of me going the same speed as I was, but they did it anyway. On the opening stretch of the A3(M), it happened three times in two minutes.

Much as I understand the urgency that most people must feel in their desire to leave the beautiful historic city of Portsmouth (well, beautiful before the Luftwaffe had a go at it in 1940), nevertheless I don't think it's worth risking death over.

Still, it's an improvement in cash flow for the other kind of undertaker.

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