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12:13pm on Wednesday, 28th December, 2005:

Absent Cartoonists


Some cartoonists do topical, daily cartoons. When they go on holiday or are taken ill, you expect that their cartoons won't appear in the newspaper — they have to be drawn the day they're published.

Strip cartoonists, on the other hand, can draw a whole bunch of cartoons well in advance and "bank" them. Thus, when they go on holiday, their strip can keep running seamlessly without a break.

Or so one would think...

Sally Ann Lasson, who draws the strip As If in The Independent, does this all the time. All of a sudden, her cartoon will disappear for a week. Can she really only draw one strip a day? Charles Schulz managed to keep a steady stream of Peanuts going for five decades. He only ran out of ideas when he died.

Mind you, as someone who once had an affair with Princess Diana's brother, it may be she has a busier schedule than did Schulz.

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