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12:02pm on Wednesday, 28th December, 2005:

Channel Island Spam


In today's news, a Channel Island businessman has won a case against a Scottish firm of spammers who sent him an unsolicited email.

I know this Channel Island businessman! It's Nigel Roberts, who was Roy Trubshaw's best friend at university and an important early figure in the development of MUD. I went to his wedding, and we still exchange Christmas cards. The Channel Island in question is Guernsey, although he also has a house in Manningtree (which is why he sued in Colchester). He lives in Guernsey because he set up the .gg Internet domain server back in the day.

Well, well, well. Good for you, Nigel!

Suing spam firms in the small claims court is now a viable option, although few people will know how to do it. I can see Nigel setting up a web site explaining the exact steps you need to follow (what letters to send to whom, what to do if there's no reply, how to file a small claims court claim, whatever), then being told to take it down when the small claims court is overwhelmed by anti-spam cases.

Actually, Nigel being Nigel, I can see him selling this information and then innocently sending people unsolicited emails telling them where they can buy it...

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