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11:58am on Friday, 30th December, 2005:



There's something in the Essex County Standard today about my student days friend Nigel's success at extracting money from a spammer. This time, though, he's not from the Channel Islands but from Lawford (which is wrong, as he actually lives in Manningtree). It also says he's 37, whereas actually he's 47 (an error repeated in many other reports).

As I suspected, Nigel has rapidly set up a web site for people who want to stop being spammed by EU nationals. I don't know if he's going to charge money for his advice or if he's going to give it away for free and get an OBE out of it instead.

Oh, and the East Anglian Daily Times has a picture of him in its article on the subject.

Blimey, he's aged better than I have! Here's a picture of him from 1980:

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