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2:50pm on Thursday, 20th January, 2005:

EBay Omissions


The copy of Tales of the Sword Coast that I won on eBay arrived yesterday. Then it left again, because I was out (at work, talking to my MSc student, to be precise) and it wouldn't fit through my letter box. I picked it up from the post office today.

I think the previous owner may have been a smoker...

This is the second time this has happened to me. I bought a copy of Source of the Nile on eBay (so much easier than going to the attic and finding the copy I already had) which smelled like 11pm in a student bar. I had to leave it open to the air for 2 weeks before I could risk having it near my clothes for more than a few minutes. TotSC isn't quite that bad, but as soon as it's installed it's going on a high shelf until it calms down a bit.

Was in an omission by the seller? I wouldn't have bid if I'd known I was going to get something stinky. Then again, perhaps he didn't know it smelled of smoke, being used to it? I'd moan at eBay for a checkbox to show smoker/non-smoker if I thought I stood a chance of getting through their customer support system without being fobbed off with an automated reply...

Still, my kids are going to be ecstatic that I bought it. It was enclosed in bubble wrap.

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