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10:25am on Friday, 4th February, 2005:



I finally managed to play through all the new content of Tales of the Sword Coast, the Baldur's Gate I extension I bought on eBay. I had to play through most of Baldur's Gate to get to be a high enough level to work through this (and even then the traps in Durlog's Tower are tiresomely murderous), but it was worth it for the new content. I preferred the werewolf island to Durlog's Tower: I knew what was going on as soon as I landed, but it was fun figuring out a way to take down the bad guy on the top floor of the boat.

Anyway, having completing the extension and hitting the experience points cap, all that remained was for me to finish off the main Baldur's Gate quest itself. I was considering leaving this (as I've done it several times before), but I was fairly close to it so why not?

Why not: when I entered the duchal [sic.] palace for a "protect the king" kind of battle, it played a brief cut scene. It did this every second. I could barely move the mouse to the game options (ie. quit) button before it ran again.

Fortunately, I found a patch that seems to fix it, so I probably will play through to the end now (if only to use my new weaponry from Durlog's Tower on that smug evil bully Sarevok).

I wasn't so lucky a couple of months ago playing Sacred, when I got to the point right before the final battle and couldn't advance beyond it. Basically, there's some character you have to obtain an item for, but when you give it to them they transform into another character whom you then have to kill. What happened to me was I gave the first character the object they wanted, they disappeared, the transformation text appeared, but there was no replacement bad guy. The spawn that was supposed to happen didn't. I was left with no-one to fight. I had 5 minutes of game to go, and a stupid bug denied me it. Augh!

Don't you find it irritating when you've nearly finished something then suddenly

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