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8:24am on Monday, 17th January, 2005:

EBay Persistence


My kids like Baldur's Gate, as indeed do I. It's one of my favourite franchises. When it first came out, though, I neglected to buy the expansion Tales of the Sword Coast. OK, well what actually happened is that I waited for the price to drop, but they took it off the shelves instead...

Anyway, I decided last year that I maybe ought to purchase a copy. I duly ordered a set from my ex-employers, Gameplay.

Three months later, it hadn't arrived and was showing no signs of ever doing so. I cancelled the order. Perhaps this is an indication of why Gameplay is the ex-employer of so many other people, too.

I decided to check out eBay, and was pleasantly surprised to find that Tales of the Sword Coast was available. There were around 5 copies on auction in the UK. I set my upper limit at £10.22 and went for it. I was outbid. Still, no hurry: I repeated the exercise, and was outbid again. I carried on, and eventually (after 8 attempts) managed to buy a copy for £10.22 from some guy in Nottingham.

£10.22 for a second-hand copy of a game that was released 6 years ago is pretty impressive. Good gameplay endures.

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