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10:56am on Sunday, 18th December, 2005:

Cold Comfort


When I went to Glasgow last week, half the people I was supposed to meet were unavailable because they'd caught some dreadful cold/flu bug going around. One of them dragged himself out of bed for long enough to say hello for half an hour before lunch.

Yesterday, I woke up with a sore throat.

OK, well it didn't get any worse and kinda wore off during the day, so I wasn't too worried. This morning, though, it's back with a blocked nose, a cough, and ominous rumblings of Worse To Come. I thought I'd better take something to fend it off.

I'm reluctant to take cold remedies because they all include painkillers. Painkillers are fine if you have the headache that people typically get when they have a cold, but I don't get headaches so I end up getting pain killed that I didn't have anyway, which can't be a good thing. Anyway, a Lemsip or a Beecham's Powder can often stop an infection from getting worse, so I decided I'd better bite the bullet and have one.

Packet number 1 expired in April 2005. Packet number 2 expired in April 2004. Packet number 3 expired in June 2000. Packet number 4 doesn't expire until January 2006, so I've gone for that. The trouble is, it tastes of blackcurrant flavour (which, you will note, is not the same as tasting of blackcurrant). It's ghastly.

Damn! Why couldn't I have caught this earlier? I could have infected all my students, but lectures are over now until the New Year. What rotten luck.

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