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5:06am on Wednesday, 9th March, 2005:

Jet Lag


Jet lag is something I don't get. I'm sitting here typing this at 9pm and it feels like 9pm, even though my computer thinks it's 5am because it's on UK time.

I don 't know why I don't get jet lag. I used to put it down to experience gained from the occasional all-night session of D&D in my youth, but other people have pulled more all-nighters and they still suffer from it. Psychologically, it may be because I'm gullible and believe my watch: I set it for destination time when I get on a plane, and by the time I get off it there's no question, the watch is telling the truth. My wife sets her watch when we go places, though, and still gets jet lag. Maybe she's less trusting of her timepiece than I...

For a more biophysical reason, it may be related to the fact that I don't get headaches, ever (a trait I apparently inherited from my mother's maternal grandfather). I suppose that knowing what causes headaches would help in verifying this, as would finding whether any of the other 1 in 200 people who don't get headaches also don't get jet lag.

Still, what do I care? I don't get jet lag, most people do, la la la, I'm lucky and they're not.

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