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9:25am on Tuesday, 16th August, 2005:

Airport Food


As Virgin Atlantic insisted we check in 3 hours in advance of the flight ("at the latest"), we found ourselves at Gatwick for breakfast. So did several thousand other people.

Usually when we're at a UK airport for breakfast, we head for Garfunkels. Each of these has its own idiosyncracies, from Stansted's "you'll have to sit in the smoking section" to Heathrow's "we don't have that". Gatwick's speciality is a queue so long that you're in danger of missing the flight if you join it.

Deciding that the pleasure of eating with plastic cutlery was to be denied us, we ate at McDonald's.

I used to like McDonald's breakfasts when they did the scrambled eggs and burger-shaped sausages. They've stopped doing this now, though, so I had a McBaconTM Roll instead.

Ah, all the taste of bacon — removed and replaced with that of Hot Dogs. Quick service, too, although you still have to stand in line for somewhere to sit while eating what you bought.

Thank goodness Smith's had some Mars Bars, and only a 5-minute queue to buy them.

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