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10:58am on Wednesday, 26th October, 2005:

Heathrow Surprise


Yes, I know, if I'm waiting for a flight at an airport then I'm going to find something to blog...

What I've found today, as I sit here at Heathrow Terminal 4's Gate 21 (I'm not flying from Gate 21, but there were free seats here), is that a modicum of common sense is returning to air travel: I was given a knife and fork at Garfunkel's made of actual metal.

OK, so the blade on the knife was rounded and only 4cm long (if that), and the fork's tines were curved like the fork had been made out of a spoon, but still, they were stainless steel. That means someone at the (oh, let me guess) Federal Aviation Authority finally accepted that "do as I say or I'll stab you with this blunt cutlery" is going to get less of a response from frightened passengers than "do as I say or I'll beat you over the head repeatedly with this laptop".

The other possibility is that Garfunkel's has been taken over by terrorists intent on bringing chaos to British Airways flights. This supposition has some credence as far as it goes, because when I asked for scrambled eggs on toast they had some. Normally at Heathrow they automatically don't have whatever you order first and you have to have something else of their choosing. This sudden departure from the norm is definitely suspicious if you ask me...

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