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1:28pm on Tuesday, 20th September, 2005:

Chocolate Exports


Whenever I go abroad, I take chocolate with me (usually Cadbury's Dairy Milk, plus maybe a Galaxy if I'm going to be away a long time). My chocolate bar size of choice is 200g, which is large enough to be eaten all in one go if I get stuck somewhere that the food is awful, but small enough that I won't make myself sick when I invariably do eat it all in one go...

I'm guessing I'm not alone in taking chocolate with me when I travel, because British chocolate is the best in the world and it's impossible to get replacements anywhere. Even chocolate that says it's Cadbury's tastes like break-up-block (which I actually like, but it's a pale reflection of the real stuff). Thus, I have to wonder why it is that I've scoured all of Stansted Airport and have been unable to find a 200g bar anywhere. I can get 1kg bars (for £6 each, but they do have a 3 for 2 deal you can exploit if you're desperate) and I can get boxes containing a number of smaller bars (I assume — I don 't expect that Cadbury's sells single bars that are 2 inches thick, unfortunately), but there are no 200g bars anywhere.

Just as well for me, then, that I went to the Co-op this morning before I caught the bus, and bought myself a 200g bar. My aim was to compare the price of chocolate in the real world and in the world of airport shops. Sadly, I couldn't do this (which, I suspect, may be part of the reason that 200g bars aren't sold here). The Co-op sold me my 200g bar for £1.25, which means 1kg would be £6.25. That said, if the Co-op were selling 1kg bars, they'd almost certainly be less than this.

Annoyingly, the reason I decided to do this price comparison is because there's a Cadbury's shop here that sells nothing but Cadbury's chocolate — or rather, there was. It looks like it's gone now.

Maybe I'm just cranky because I had to sit in the smoking section of Garfunkel's.

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