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4:58pm on Tuesday, 17th May, 2005:



I was looking on the Internet for a photograph of the statue of Boudicca that we have in Colchester, but I couldn't find one. For the benefit of humanity, therefore, here's one I took this morning:

That long part at the front is a skirt, not a plinth; there are rods at the back, which I guess correspond to legs.

For context, this is where the statue is sited, on North Station Roundabout where anyone leaving Colchester to the Northwest can't fail to see it:

I think formally the statue is called Boadicea rather than Boudicca, which I take to mean that it's a representation of the myth, rather than of the woman. Still, it's a very popular among Colcestrians (a fact missed on the man selling his nearby house, who wanted compensation because he thought the statue's presence devalued it in a way that being next to the most complicated roundabout in Britain didn't).

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