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8:04am on Thursday, 13th October, 2005:



I bought my younger daughter, Madeleine, a new long-sleeved top when I was in New York. It looked just the kind of thing she liked, was the right size, was not the kind of thing available in Colchester, and was covered in sequins.

Our house is now also covered in sequins.

Sitting in the living room this morning, I counted 46 sequins on the floor, scattered variously around, plus another 39 in a pile that my wife managed to collect yesterday. There are sequins in the kitchen, the play room, the hall — anywhere that Madeleine has been. We've also found them on places she's had contact with — our faces, our clothes, the car. They've even been transported to places she hasn't been, such as the guest room. I expect I'll find one or two in the attic next time I visit it.

I've no idea how so many sequins can fall off one top. OK, they're glued on, rather than being sewn on, so I do know why they fall off; it's the number of them that's amazing, though. There's like an infinite supply. Every time I look at the top, it seems to have the same number of sequins as it had before, yet there's a new trail where Madeleine has walked. We're going to have sequinned carpets if this keeps up.

Thank goodness I kept the top in the bag when I was bringing it home. I dread to think what would have happened if those sequins had got loose in my suitcase.

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