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8:17am on Thursday, 13th October, 2005:

UK GenCon


In the 1990s, I used to go to GenCon in Milwaukee. I loved it. If I had the money, and if I wasn't travelling so much to academic conferences, I'd go every year (except not to Milwaukee — it's in Indianapolis now).

There's a UK GenCon, too, but it's much smaller. I try to get to it, but they don't make it easy. Last year, they held it out in Minehead or somewhere bizarrely remote from trains and motorways. This year, it's in Bognor Regis: within striking distance of Colchester, and therefore eminently visitable.

The thing is, though, they're holding it 3-6 November. The big day is the Saturday, which is November 5th — bonfire night. I can't go on bonfire night! I have fireworks to watch! What were they thinking, holding the convention for two days that people can't get to it because they're working, then another two days that people won't want to go because they want to set fire to a scarecrow?


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