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9:03am on Friday, 18th November, 2005:

Seeing sequins


I found two sequins on the floor of my office at home this morning. Yes, those sequins.

Surely they can't have survived so many sweeps of the vacuum cleaner? They must have attached themselves to something and then jumped off and made a break for freedom while their host was in the room. Either that or they're reproducing, and these are second-generation sequins that have emerged, blinking into the light, from a birthing sequin hidden deep under a desk or pile of paper or old computer where the vacuum cleaner can't reach.

Then again, maybe they really do have startling powers of survival. The world will be consumed in nuclear fire and all that will be left will be cockroaches and sequins. Maybe no-one makes sequins any more, they're just extracted from the ashes found in municipal incinerators and sold back to the makers?

I'd suspect that my younger daughter might have worn her New York top again, as it has an infinite number of sequins clinging to it, only if that were the case the whole house would be strewn with them and I'd be finding 20 or 30 on my office floor, not just two.

I'll have to check in the shops to see if there's some kind of powder I can put down to get rid of them, like I can for ants.

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