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12:02am on Saturday, 5th February, 2005:

And After That Interlude...


I finished my game of Baldur's Gate just now. The ending wasn't quite the hackfest I was expecting. I loosed a stinking cloud then a cloudkill then a fireball at the podium, which drew out Sarevok and some magic-user. I'd already summoned a bunch of ghouls, and he attacked these first. I sent in my potioned-up fighters, peppered him with +2 bullets, and summoned some gnolls while he was killing the ghouls. I didn't need the gnolls: he died just as they appeared. My theory is that one of the ghouls managed to paralyse him.

I love the final cut scene. It shows Sarevok's body turning to glowing dust and being carried down through a crack in the temple floor into the pit of the Abyss. There, the motes drift down to a statue of the defeated antagonist, and, upon touching it, cause it to crack and crumble. The message is clear: Sarevok, child of Bhaal, is no more. However, the camera pulls back to reveal statues either side of Sarevok's now-empty niche, and another row of statues above. There are more rows — three, four, five — then more, and more as we spiral out, until we're looking down the inside of a circular tower with hundreds of niches in it, each one containing another Bhaalspawn. The floor is the grinning face of Bhaal. To him, your victory is but the theft of one pebble from a beach...

Now I can finish up the game of Civ3 I was playing , and the game of Patrician III I was playing, and maybe get back to the game of Morrowind I was playing, but probably not the game of Neverwinter Nights I was playing — it got just too samey the second time round. I'm reluctant to carry on with my game of Football Manager 2005, too, as my wonder tactic from the Conference doesn't seem to work so well in League 1.

Alternatively, I could begin a game of something I haven't played before. Beyond Divinity is next in my pile...

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