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8:27am on Monday, 25th March, 2024:



I finally got around to playing Cyberpunk 2077 recently, having reasoned that if there's an expansion out then most of the bugs in the original will have been nailed.

I rather enjoyed it, to the extent that when I finished it at level 42 as a street kid I immediately restarted as a corpo and played through again until there were no more gigs for me to do. At the end, I was level 50, had tier 5+ in everything, 2 million+ eddies in the bank and every apartment I could buy. I didn't purchase extra vehicles because I couldn't control them very well and had to drive them on the wrong side of the road anyway. I ended up stealing (and crashing) vehicles from the crooks I killed in police raids if I needed to get to somewhere far away quickly.

It's easy to see where all the development money went. There's some seriously-detailed world-building going on there. The gameplay isn't too hard, especially when you're as good a shot with a sniper rifle as I am, but I think I only ever managed to complete one stealth mission (out of the dozen or more I tries) without being spotted and having to kill everyone. Still, what I lost from the reward money for not being discreet I more than made up with by selling the weapons of the people I killed.

In terms of endings, for the street kid I took the corpo ending and for the corpo I took the street kid ending. I could foresee what was going to happen both times well in advance, neither of which works out well for the world of 2077. I'll leave it awhile before playing again, but if I do I'll either play as a nomad and try the nomad ending or just pick up from the last open-world save and play the nomad ending from there. I don't expect the nomad ending is going to be any better for V than the others — in fact I expect it's going to match one or other of them in terms of being bad for Night City — but this is Cyberpunk 2077 so it goes with the territory.

I might give the expansion a try, but after 117 hours total of the main game I think perhaps I'll wait awhile before picking it up.

My wife walked in on the final cut scene and asked why I was playing as a naked woman sitting on a bus. Not all the bugs have been removed.

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