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8:31am on Sunday, 24th March, 2024:

Walkie Talkie


We had lunch at the top of the Walkie Talkie building in London yesterday. There are some great views, although the building blocks said views from the skyscrapers behind it. Here's the Tower of London and Tower Bridge:

I picked up an awful cold during the week that hit me hard on Friday. All my colds are awful, but I haven't had one since before the pandemic. I checked it wasn't COVID-19, which it wasn't, and it eased up quite a lot yesterday while I was in London.

When I got home, it came back with a vengeance. My nose is running like a tap. I had a very rough night and woke up with my eyes and all my teeth aching. I'd be considering cancelling my lectures if we were still in term time, but term finished on Friday. I merely have mark assignments now, as if I wasn't miserable enough already.

I think I caught it off a student.

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