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5:16pm on Tuesday, 21st March, 2023:

The Future of Gaming


The Autumn 2022 magazine of the British Computer Society, which I have just discovered in my university pigeonhole, features games. One article is entitled "What is the future of gaming?".

The answer is cloud gaming, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and the metaverse.

Here's the summary, which is described as a process.
Augmented Reality. You play a game that interacts with the real world. You see the game overlaid onto the world as you know it.
Artificial Intelligence: A game learns how you play and adapts making the experience better.
Cloud gaming: Playing without low-end hardware worries. It's the ultimate gaming freedom.
The Metaverse: A digital universe created by many players playing different games - all connected through a single network.

Hmm, so "the future of gaming" doesn't involve better gameplay, then.

"Gaming" used to refer exclusively to gambling games, not to games in general.

The British Computer Society's magazine is called IT Now: the Magazine for the IT Professional. It's quite exciting that they even have features on games.

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