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1:27pm on Monday, 20th March, 2023:

Dutch Pack


I bought some more playing cards.

This is a Nederlandsche Kroonkaart deck, manufactured circa 1920 by Speelkaarten Fabriek Nederland. The Dutch had tax stamps on the Ace of Hearts from 1920-1927, but my AH has no tax stamp on it so is either before or after that period. The earlier cards have a number on the KH, but mine don't; they were also litho printed, and mine are offset. Later packs had four indeces rather than two, though, and came with jokers (that mine doesn't); I'd therefore estimate it to have been manfactured maybe in 1930.

I don't buy many packs of Dutch playing cards as they don't come on the market very often and typically don't have much to catch my eye. These had pictorial aces, though, so they did.

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