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8:49am on Wednesday, 20th September, 2023:

No Beard


I was experimenting with images for the third book in the Dheghōm series that I'm part-way through writing. I wanted a 28-year-old game designer.

I noticed that Midjourney kept giving me images of men with facial hair. This is typical of the current version of Midjourney: men have beards and that's that. Ah, but Midjourney has a --no switch you can use to stop it putting things in!

On the left, photorealistic 28-year-old video game designer. On the right, photorealistic 28-year-old video game designer --no beard.

OK, so 28-year-old video game designers are men but beardless 28-year-old video game designers are women. That's useful to know.

I tried the same thing without the word "video".

Take out the 28-year-old bearded game designers and you get three empty rooms and one woman.

Midjourney's images look great but its training set is somewhat reliant on what people have chosen to upload and in what quantities.

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