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3:10pm on Friday, 15th September, 2023:

Another PhD


My student, Dan Gomme, passed his PhD viva today. Assuming he writes the 15,000 words the examiners want to add to it, he should be Dr Gomme within 6 months.

Essex University didn't actually send his thesis to the examiners — he had to send them copies himself. This isn't how it's supposed to work. The university is supposed to forward the thesis as submitted, so the student can't make changes and sneakily submit something better. Dan got round this by forwarding his submission email (with thesis as attachment), so it was clear he wasn't cheating.

Examiners have two months to read a thesis. They shouldn't have to waste three of those weeks waiting for the graduate office to get around to forwarding it before snapping and asking the student directly. The examiners still haven't been sent the thesis.

Fortunately, having only five weeks to read the thesis wasn't too bad because it was a short thesis (hence the requirement for a new chapter and the expansion of an existing chapter for it to be accepted).

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