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1:00pm on Thursday, 14th September, 2023:



Hmm, it seems to me that the interests of the IGGI students are rather more diverse than that of the industries where they hope to gain placements That may be because the students themselves are more diverse, at least in certain dimensions (known as "protected characteristics"). It may also be that there's an abundance of people with skills in, say, data analysis so there's not a problem recruiting them  — or that there aren't, but there are only a few openings,

I'm all for diversity, but when it comes to checkbox definitions of it I become a little frustrated. It misses diverse experiences beyond the ones that are checkboxed. For example, if outreach extends to schools that are nearby a university that teaches games, that doesn't help inspire people to do a games degree if they live in a less cosmopolitan areas of the country; as a result, don't expect to see many games industry personnel from rural areas of the country unless they got there on their own, regardless of how many protected characteristics they fulfil.

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