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7:59am on Sunday, 14th May, 2023:



Well I wasn't expecting us to do well in Eurovision yesterday, but I wasn't expecting us to do quite as badly as we did. Above only Germany, we were three behind Albania. How did that happen?

I had anticipated that we wouldn't rate highly with the juries because professional songwriters don't like self-referential songs. It's lazy songwriting. We still scored much lower than the song deserved, though — there were other songs that were far less accomplished.

I thought we'd do much better with the public vote, but no. The staging was awful and the performance matched it. Our singer's voice was way too thin compared to the polished production values of the video. Other performances were also pretty grim, but I do concede that our staging was the worst. Showing big pictures of the face of the singer only works if the singer is sensationally good-looking. Also, if you have a solo singer singing a bouncy, it helps if they can dance.

My own favourite was Estonia, who came in 8th. She'll be back in a later competition, I expect.

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